Why don’t they?

Why don’t they?

Why don't they?

Why don’t they see it? Why don’t they see that they’re beautiful? Why can’t they look past the flaws and see the good bits? Most importantly of all, why can’t they look past themselves and see the millions of others who suffer?

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Hello Again.

How many people like to just travel? I’d like to just travel. Not for any purpose other than seeing new things and meeting new people and trying out now food. I am so sick of this city I live in, so sick of the people I know (though I am truly grateful for their presence in my life, I really am), and just so sick of this stupid, aggravating routine I stick to persistently. Mark Twain’s quote to ‘sail away from the safe harbour,’ appeals to me now more than ever, but most unfortunately, I have expectations to meet, so I must stay. It seems as though whoever said day to day living is what wears you out rather than a crisis, knew what they were talking about.


This is my new blog I suppose. I already have a Tumblr blog, but I guess I needed another one? I actually don’t know why I’ve made this one. Maybe just to rant? Or maybe I was simply bored. Hmm.